The Girls Field Hockey Team is CWOSSA-Bound

The WCI girl’s field hockey team has been a force to be reckoned with this year, and they’re showing no sign of slowing down. With 11 league wins under their belt, the WCSSAA finalists are headed to CWOSSA on Wednesday with the hopes of advancing even further.

I spoke to one of the team’s captains, Maddie Vukovic, about her impression of the team and their success this year. The positive team dynamic and their collective drive to win were among the factors to which she attributed the team’s success: “we’ve been working really hard, we’ve been training really hard, we’ve been playing together as a team really really well”.

The girls finished 3rd in the regular season and went on to beat Cameron Heights 4-2 in the quarter finals. In the semi finals, they brought home a 3-1 victory over EDSS. All of this led them to the WCSSAA championships: on Monday the Vikes, ranked 2nd in the league, took on Bluevale, the undefeated 1st place team. The game was a tight one: the score was tied 0-0 moving into the second half, when a goal by Darci Moher gave the Vikes the lead, but Bluevale managed to tie it up again with a goal of their own. The girls battled it out in overtime, and then in shootouts, but in the end Bluevale emerged victorious.

The good news? As the second-place team in WCSSAA, the girls will advance to CWOSSA this Wednesday through Friday, where they’ll face off against other top teams. This will likely include a game against Bluevale, and there’s no doubt the Vikes will be hungry for a rematch.

The competition won’t stop there if the team can help it, either. If they’re successful at CWOSSA, they will be heading to Mississauga to compete at OFSAA. When asked if she’s hopeful that the team will advance, Maddie had no hesitation: “I hope so – I think we’re a really strong team this year, we’ve developed over the last few years and we’ve really grown together, and I think that if there’s one year in the past 4 years that we would go to OFSAA, this would probably be it”. Hopefully, if they can fight their way through the next three days, the girls will have the chance to show off their strength and drive against some of the best high school teams in Ontario.