November Netflix News

As the spooky season ends, and BEFORE the Christmas season starts, November is a nice pause from all the festivities to sit down, grab some popcorn and watch some good ole’ Netflix. However, both Disney and Apple are introducing their own streaming services this month so as a counter, Netflix has plenty of new original content to offer this month.

You can check out a full list of incoming material and shows that are being removed at . If you’re here for a fun time and not a long time, keep reading for the most anticipated and notable works coming to Netflix this month. **NO SPOILERS**

Atypical: Season 3

The third season of this Netflix coming-of-age drama was released on November 1st and continues to follow the life of the Gardeners: Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum who is working on “getting more out there”; his protective younger sister Casey who has her own romantic drama; and his parents Elsa and Doug. If you’re looking for some drama, tears, and heartwarming family moments, this may be the show for you.

The King

This Netflix film was released on November 1st and is a historical drama film primarily based on William Shakespeare’s plays called The Henriad. It tells the story of Hal, the future Henry V played by Timothee Chalamet, who reluctantly becomes heir to the throne after his father dies and is caught in a life he never wanted. While it is a dramatised version of the real British monarchs of the 15th century, it’s never a bad idea to watch Timothee Chalamet on screen again.

The End of the F***king World: Season 2

Does James get shot? Will he return in Season 2? What happens to Alyssa? After a major cliffhanger at the end of Season 1, the second season answers the many questions we have. With 8 new 20 to 25 minute episodes, the show also introduces a new character and hints at “a vendetta” in the trailer. Season 2 has already been released on November 5th, but if you haven’t binge-watched the entire show yet, consider this an invitation.

Green Eggs and Ham

Get ready for a blast to the past with this animated Dr.Suess series being released on November 8th! This PR email a month ago sums it up pretty well.

“We have some new news to share, we can hardly wait:
Green Eggs and Ham is fully cooked and has a launch date!
November 8th is the day to finally get your fix,
Of this fantastical series – only on Netflix.
The world of Dr. Seuss is a whimsical delight,
Sam, Guy and the Chickeraffe now taking the spotlight.
With voices including Adam, Michael, Keegan and Diane,
A series for the whole family, you’re sure to be a fan!
With cinema-quality hand-drawn 2D animation,
It has humor, adventure and a great sophistication.
We’re one month away and have much more in store,
The fun is just beginning, soon you’ll hear more!”

Via Vital Thrills

The Crown: Season 3

This Netflix Original is scheduled to be released on November 17th and is a favourite among history (and Queen Elizabeth the Second) lovers. This show is a beautiful retelling of Queen Elizabeth’s coming to power, in an admittedly dramatized fashion, with each season focusing on different periods of her life. 

The first season covers 1947 to 1955 that includes her marriage to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The second season continues the timeline from 1956 to 1964 with the Suez Crisis, the retirement of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and the birth of Prince Edward.

The third season will span between 1964 and 1977 with a new cast and some fresh royal drama will Harold Wilson’s two Prime Minister Periods.

The Irishman

This Netflix FIlm will be released on November 27th and is described as “a slow-burning gangster epic”. It follows “The Irishman” who is a truck driver that becomes a hitman and gets involved with mafioso Russell Bufalino and his entire crime family AND Jimmy Hoffa who was an American Union Leader in organized crime. If that doesn’t sound like an action-packed, heart-pounding three and a half hours, I don’t know what is.

Christmas Content

I have said this before and I will say it again: Christmas starts on December 1st and no earlier than that. However, to please the audiences who do find it fun to celebrate one festivity after another, Netflix has/will be releasing their first wave on Christmas content that includes the following:

  • Holiday in the Wild: November 1
  • Let It Snow: November 8
  • Klaus: November 15
  • The Knight Before Christmas: November 21
  • Nailed It! Holiday! Season 2: November 22
  • Merry Happy Whatever Season 1: November 28
  • Holiday Rush: November 28
  • Sugar Rush Christmas: November 29

Now that you have reached the end of this article and have thoroughly exhausted this list, get those snacks you’ve been meaning to eat, that extra cozy blanket and give yourself a little Netflix break!