More Reasons to See Peter Pan

It’s the week of shows!!! The performances are on Thursday November 28th at 6:00pm, and Friday November 29th and 30th, at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $5 per student and $10 per adult.

To celebrate opening night, I have interviewed the principal cast of Peter Pan, including the leads. I have also gathered pictures from dress rehearsals for an exclusive sneak peek of what to look forward to!

Peter Pan (Malcolm Manning)

Malcolm Manning as Peter Pan

How did you react when you learned you won the lead role?

I was very excited and surprised that I was lucky enough to play Peter. 

What do you hope to bring to this performance?

Lots of energy and hopefully a fully healed knee. I want to help make my cast mates successful and put on a good show.

Will this Peter be different from the Disney version and if so, how?

It won’t be the same as the Disney show but you will have to come to the show to see how, it’s a surprise.

Are you going to pursue acting when you graduate? If not, what do you think you’ll do?

I don’t know what I’m doing after I graduate but I know I am doing a 5th year next year and might pursue acting.

The Lost Boys

Wendy Darling (Brianna Wey)

Brianna Wey as Wendy Darling and Malcolm Manning

What was your reaction to learning you got the role?

I was super excited! I fell asleep before the cast list got uploaded so it was a lovely surprise at 6am the next morning! We always put on such amazing shows and I am always so grateful to be apart of them!

How will Wendy be portrayed in this version of the play?

Wendy is a young girl who knows her worth and is very progressive for her time. She values family, both her Darling family and her Lost family. Throughout the play we see her grow into a more motherly role during her time in Neverland. 

What has been your favourite role in all the plays you’ve done here?

Wendy has been a super fun character to explore and get to know, but I think my favourite will always be playing the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz last year. There was just something special about the green paint and the cackle that I won’t ever forget! 

What’s the most challenging part of playing Wendy?

Brianna Wey

In the beginning it was definitely the British accent but that has become almost second nature at this point. I would say the most challenging part about being Wendy is capturing both her motherly instincts and also her adolescent demeanour, and creating a seamless blend between the two. 

Will you pursue acting in the future or do you have other plans?

Hopefully! I intend to study acting and theatre in university and then go from there! I might end up acting one day or end up right back here as a drama teacher, we’ll see! 

Captain Hook (Myles Reichart)

Myles Reichart as Captain James Hook

What was your reaction to learning you got the part?

I think my initial reaction was “zoinks” because I wasn’t really expecting to get the part, and when I did, it made me feel anxious but also very excited.

Is this Captain Hook similar to the Disney Captain Hook or is he different?

I’ve never actually seen the Disney Version of Captain Hook, the first time I ever watched Peter Pan was the weekend after I got the part.  I wanted to find out how his character moved and acted so I watched a stage musical of Peter Pan.

Have you done much acting before this? Have you ever played the part of a villain?

I took a few high-school drama courses, and I also performed in a scripted scene that I wrote for the last Arts and Culture Festival (ACF). Nope, this is my first time.

Is it fun to play the villain?

Yes.  Even if this play wasn’t about Peter Pan I still would’ve tried out for the villain role.  Portraying a villain is, in my opinion, one of the best roles to have. Heroes always have a “Code of Honour” they have to follow, it seems kinda tedious.  With a villain, there’s no need to follow any “rulebook” and you can branch out a lot more with what your character can say and do because of that.

Captain Hook’s Crew of Pirates

Are you going to do any theatre work when you’re done high school?

It sorta depends on how well this play is received I guess, if it’s a hit then I’ll probably do more acting in the future, and if it doesn’t Pan out (ba dum chh) then I’ll probably just stick to writing scripts and other things of that sort.

Aris Meek, far right, leading the Fairies

Tiger Lily (Natasha Fishman)

Natasha Fishman as Tiger Lily

How did you react when you got this role?

I was thrilled when I found out I got in the show but receiving the role of Tiger Lily was the cherry on top! It is very different from anything I’ve done so far, but it has been so fun and challenging to bring this character to life!

What is Tiger Lily’s role in this school-appropriate adaptation?

In our adaptation of Peter Pan, Tiger Lily is the leader of the Lost Girls, much like Peter Pan is the leader of the lost boys. Despite omitting Tiger Lily’s traditional indigenous background, we’ve preserved her original wit, and strong headed stubbornness. And if you come to see the show, you’ll get to see her impressive fighting skills as well. 

Who’s in the group of Lost Girls?

There are six members of the lost girls, Twig, Rain, Fern, Owl, Buttercup, and Tiger Lily. Each character has their own unique strengths making them valuable to the team. It has been a pleasure leading the Lost Girls, they are all insanely talented. 

The Lost Girls

Are you going to do more theatre when you’re done high school?

Yes! I fully intend to do more theatre and drama post high-school!

John Darling (Linden Imosen Journa)

Linden Imosen Journa as John Darling, Michael Gowland as Michael Darling, and Brianna Wey

What was your reaction to learning you got the part?

I was very excited to know that I would get to take place in the show playing John. I was looking forward to speaking in a British accent and wearing a top hat and glasses just like the character I grew up with in the movie.

What has been your favourite role in all the plays you’ve done here?

My favourite role I’ve done at WCI was last year in The Wizard of Oz. In that show, I played the Cowardly Lion. I think that was my favourite role because Lion is such a huge, funny, ridiculous character, so portraying that was SUPER fun to do.

Are there any challenges that come with this role?

This year playing John, some challenges might be getting a proper British accent and maintaining it throughout the show.

Did you draw on your real-life experiences of being a brother to play this role?

Definitely. I’m the middle child in my family, and John is the middle child in the Darling family so I can draw on my real life experiences as a brother. This includes being endearing but also having a level of rivalry with my real and stage siblings.

Are you planning to do acting when you’re done high school?

I’m still not 100% sure what I’m doing after this year, but I am auditioning at Sheridan and seriously considering going into acting as a career. 

Ethan Gowland, Brianna Wey, and Linden Imosen Journa

Michael Darling (Ethan Gowland)

What was your reaction to learning you got the part?

The moment the cast list when up, (quite late I might add…) I was hit with a wave of excitement and relief. As I was trying to finally fall asleep though, I was worried, worried about the commitment that I had just made. 

What inspired you to audition for the show?

Frankly, I feel like Malcolm is to blame for my audition. He pestered me for a week straight. So I guess you could say that it was the great sense of friendship and “comradery” that convinced me to audition.

In terms of being a sibling, do you and Michael have anything in common?

Not really, I’m an oldest child and so it was kind of exciting and refreshing to get to play the always annoying brat of the family.

Do you have plans to pursue acting after high school?

I’m not sure yet if I’d pursue acting as a career. I’m certainly not opposed to it, but I think that I’d maybe like to try directing.