Slow Internet Connection

    How many times has the WiFi been down in your house? In WCI? Or in any other public place? And what about the times you experience a slow internet connection? Every day, right? Slow internet speed is the bane of our existence. In a digital world, slow internet is one of the worst things to ever happen to us, second only to no internet. There are so many things you can complain about a slow internet connection. First of all, we’re definitely not getting the internet speed we are paying for. Occasionally, I even feel like it’s ten times slower than it should be. In my opinion, telecoms are the most evil companies on the planet, they promise you something when advertising, but then, in reality, they only give you half the speed. One hundred megabits per second comes down to 50, 50 comes down to 25. Sometimes, I honestly do think that snails are much faster than my internet speed.

A Wireless Router

    On the other hand, slow internet wastes your time by keeping you waiting. When there’s no internet connection at all, the majority of us would probably just complain it’s another yucky day, and carry on doing things that don’t require the internet. However, slow internet always gives people the false hope that if they could just wait a couple more seconds, then it would for sure speed up. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, and sadly nothing changes, except for letting people down every time. The picture stalls, the audio trips and finally the whole thing fails.

    Slow internet can also cause some serious problems. Missing the most exciting part of a sports game, losing out on tickets, video lagging and freezing, taking forever to upload or download files, and most of all, losing a match due to a slow internet connection. Especially if you play a fast-paced game, when every second matters. And if you don’t play video games, we’ve all had times when we kept on refreshing the browser, pressing F5 as if there’s no tomorrow, and still it won’t load the whole website completely. It is just plain white like you’re staring at a sheet of bond paper. 

    Slow internet stops us and makes us feel restrained. It is frustrating that we don’t get a full-speed internet, and it’s even more annoying when it starts to waste our time. Slow internet connection undermines the convenience of the web from all aspects, whereas a fast internet speed can easily make our lives better.