How Do You Stop Caring about Other People’s Opinions?

Dear Tanya,

How do you stop caring about other people’s opinions? 

Do you ever sit in a room and wonder what that person is thinking about ? Wonder what they’re saying about you behind your back, or wonder if they truly like you? This is a normal thing that many teenagers struggle with, especially when people are expressing negative opinions about you to your face. How do we stop caring about these opinions? How do we stop the thought of what people are thinking about you?

The most important step is SELF CONFIDENCE. Even if at first it is hard to get rid of this mentality or to let go of what other people have to say about you, you need to find that part of you that loves the way you look, the person you are and what you stand for. Once you have true inner confidence and it radiates off of you, people are less likely to pick on you and their words don’t hurt as much. Plus when you’re confident who cares about what other people say? Each person has their strengths and their weaknesses, so take your strengths and make them stronger and show them that you are more than the colour of your hair or the clothes you wear. You will succeed in this life and you will find that love for yourself, all it takes is a switch of that mentality.

The next thing is making sure you don’t surround yourself with judgemental people. You can’t be your beautiful self with other people that make you feel like you need to watch what you say, what you eat or what clothes you’re wearing. Around your friends you are supposed to be able to have flaws, your bad days, and you have to have those weeks where you look like you just got out of bed. If you surround yourself with people who only have negative things to say to you, or who talk poorly about you, they are toxic people who shouldn’t be your friends. 

The final step is to recognize that their OPINIONS ARE NOT you. They are not who you are going to be. Shine like a star and never let anyone drag you down for your beliefs, your looks or who you are. The minute you begin to feel poorly about yourself, and obsess over the opinions of other people is when you have let them win. Words hurt and hearing things about you that aren’t positive really burns deep into the soul and often rips people apart. Feel that pain for the time being and then let it go, do not accept that into your mind or personality. 

Every person is unique, each person has their differences and anyone who doesn’t accept that is in the wrong. It isn’t you. You are beautiful, you are loved, and you are special.


Tanya Rivero