Gift Buying Guide

Christmas is approaching and if you are hoping to buy a present for someone look no further, here I have compiled a list of presents you can buy for someone this holiday.

All items listed down below can be purchased online, you can find better deals if you look around. You can also checkout Thrift stores, outlets or even off price department stores like Marshalls or Winners

*Shipping and taxes not included in price

Under CAD$10

Not really a head massager but it will definitely send shivers down your spine.

If you haven’t heard yet plastic straws are killing turtles and also the environment, but more importantly turtles. Help save the turtles by reusing metal straws.

Does your broke friend not have Airpods ? Do they have trouble charging and listening to music at the same time, well I’ve got just the right thing for them. This gadget can let you charge and listen to music at the same time! just as simple as plugging it in.

This wallet sized stainless steel multipurpose tool is an everyday essential, even if it will probably never get used, its still better to keep one just in case.

Under CAD$ 30

Phone Ring
CDN$ 16.99

Phones are getting bigger and bigger , this small attachment on the back of your phone helps you hold your device easier and also use it as a stand.

No need to worry about your electronic device’s charging tip ever breaking . This gadget uses magnets for charging and comes with a braided wire for increased protection.

Who even wears watches in 2019, we got smartphones for that. But this is no ordinary watch, not only is it waterproof it doesn’t need a battery replacement at all! Also, it glows in the dark.

Help others make the switch from using single use bottles to these. Also these look better.

Manicure/Pedicure Kit
CDN$ 21.99 

A gift for someone that really needs a manicure/pedicure.

Under 50$

Nice plain bag that lasts longer than expected. Would be a perfect gift for someone.

Echo is similar to other smart speakers with virtual assistants, But now you have the option to have Samual L Jackson as your virtual assistant. How cool is that.

LED Light Strip
CDN$ 35.99

Great for saving electricity and covers a lot more surface area, helps brighten up the room. Comes with multiple light modes and can be controlled through an app on your phone.

Power Bank
CDN$ 49.99

A gift for a friend that keeps asking for your charger.

Under CAD$ 100

A cheap alternative to the beats headphones.

2TB external Hard-drive
CDN$ 69.99

A great gift to give to a friend that creates content or a person that owns a Chromebook with limited storage.

Can’t go wrong with gifting a pair of shoes, just need to ask the person’s shoes size.

Shopping Tips

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