Early Admission FAQ’s

As the grade 12’s scramble to decide what they’re going to do and where for the rest of their lives there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around. So, what exactly is early acceptance?

I decided to sit down with Mrs. Cowburn, one of our guidance counselors here at WCI to get to the bottom of some questions I’ve absorbed from my peers over the past couple of months.

To the people who may have stumbled onto this article by accident and have zero idea what I’m talking about – allow me to enlighten you. The due date for Ontario university applications is January 15th which you might note is not an immediate date. Therefore, people who apply soon after they receive their pin numbers are eligible to receive conditional offers sooner than the spring.

Which types of students receive early admission offers?

The people who get offers sooner than everyone else are kids with grade eleven marks that are higher than the admission average. According to Mrs. Cowburn this equates to a 95% and higher average. Universities like Waterloo and the University of Toronto however don’t send out very many early offers because they want to see the first term final gr 12 grades to get a better idea of how they’re going to perform in first year.

Which report cards do universities look at for early acceptance?

Ontario universities judge based on JUST grade eleven marks, NOT midterms. Marks are sent to universities when high schools collect the O.U.A.C. pin numbers so midterms aren’t available yet.

What’s the deadline for early acceptance?

There is no official deadline, there are rolling rounds of acceptances as universities are constantly looking at data, but the dates for those waves of offers are not publicly available. It’s a good idea to submit your application before December 1st if you want your grade eleven marks to be considered.

What do people mean when they say ’rounds’ of offers?

There are generally 3 rounds of offers that go out, but that can change based on school and program. People have to confirm their offers around June 1st; by June 13th O.U.A.C. publishes all Ontario high school students’s final grades in addition to a list of undergraduate programs that still have space. People can continue to apply with their final semester 1 and 2 grades to the remaining program spots up until the first day of school.

Are scholarships awarded based on gr. 12 or gr. 11 marks?

Every school has a different policy, but it is almost always based on grade 12 marks because they are a more accurate representation of how the student will perform in university.

Do you have to resubmit your O.U.A.C. or additional information form for ‘normal’ acceptance?

No! The only submissions that are made after you apply to O.U.A.C. are the semester 1 finals and the semester 2 midterms submitted by your school.