“Mom, I’m gonna be TikTok famous!”

TikTok, the app people are calling the new Vine. Or rather, the crossover of Music.ly and Vine. The newest big social media app that is collecting users all over the world has been gaining momentum since 2018, when it was the most downloaded app of the year, and hasn’t stopped yet.

Teens, young adults, babies, pets, and even grandparents pop up in video after video in your ‘for you’ tab and no one can seem to get enough. Where most people say they downloaded it as a joke, to see what all the hype was about, many say they have become addicted and it’s one of their favourite social media platforms.

‘For You’ page

Users can create TikToks by either recording their own audio or choosing from the massive database of ‘sounds’ available and using effects, timers, filters, speed options, stickers, text, and more to film their short video (up to 60 seconds), which can range anywhere from comedy to thirst traps to singing videos and everything in between.

Then, after editing and posting them (including the most popular hashtags of course), users sit back and wait to become ‘TikTok famous’. What the heck is that, you ask?

As your TikTok is viewed more times, it will be added to some people’s ‘for you’ page which is basically a collection of TikToks you can scroll through, similar to Instagram’s explore tab. More people will see it based on how many people are responding to it (sharing to other platforms, saving videos, liking, commenting, etc.). This means that it will be on more people’s ‘for you’ page and will gain views, likes, and comments and eventually get to a point where people consider it, or the account that posted it, ‘TikTok famous’. This will also likely lead to the account gaining followers and popularity and, if they have multiple videos becoming famous, to the user becoming ‘TikTok famous’.

This is not unlike Instagram Models, YouTube Influencers, or other social media celebrities, although there is currently no way for famous TikTokers to make money directly from this. However, many users with a large following will move them over to another app and use this popularity to make money off ads and brand deals elsewhere, although TikTok is often still their main focus.

Some examples of popular models, music stars, and influencers who started on TikTok include Loren Gray, who now has an estimated net worth of around $300,000, Kristen Hancher, who has an estimated fortune of $400,000, Baby Ariel, with a $1 million net worth, as well as many others.

While TikTok may not be a career path like YouTube is for some, it’s definitely a popular, new way to become internet famous.

However, ‘TikTok famous’ has become a sort of meme for many smaller users, who will show their friends their whopping 25 followers and 1000 views and boast that they are becoming TikTok famous. You don’t have to be truly famous to have fun on the app or even pretend to be famous. Many high school and university age users enjoy it just to have fun making videos or even just to scroll through their ‘for you’ page when they’re bored. Having video after video of relatable comedy and attractive users in your feed has left many feeling ‘addicted’, scrolling through for hours at a time without realizing.

Maybe it’s not as huge of a cultural impact as Vine was a few years ago, and maybe it isn’t as good a use of time as something like YouTube (that could actually have a future), but for the time being, Mom, I can’t do the dishes right now, I’m gonna be TikTok famous.