Waterloo Artist: Michael Ducey on his album ‘This is Me’ and his Music

Describes music as his own therapy and his sound fitting into the new wave of rap.

Bring yourself to the small town of Waterloo, into the construction filled streets, the growing community filled with University Students and diverse people. Imagine trying to build a music career in this town filled with different people; in a town that is attempting to build itself. Michael Ducey is 17 years old, currently attending Waterloo Collegiate Institute and pursuing his music to influence the people around him to push through personal hardships. 

His music consists of songs that are therapeutic to him, touching topics such as his mother who struggles with drug addiction, his father, his depression, love and the spiral of life. All of his songs consist of real life situations put into beats and lyrics that many people can relate to. Adding onto this hardship in his life, he has received hate for the art he has created. “I didn’t have much experience at first. I was starting by myself. I had next to no recording equipment, I was starting to mix my songs and I was new to writing music so it was pretty terrible.” he explains. “Unfortunately people aren’t able to see through that and will just hate you for it. Since then I’ve grown a lot and to this day I still get hate saying I’m bad at what I do, that I should quit, and I won’t be able to make it. Despite this I’ve always believed that as long as you love what you’re doing it doesn’t matter what people say, do it and chase your dreams because if you keep at it you can make something out of it.”

Michael is living proof that there is always good within the bad, through his writing, his experiences and his approach to the hatred. He is proud to have 35 000 streams combined and amazing friends who support him unconditionally. He has continued to record on his own set up that he invested in, and is grateful that his home studio makes it easy to record vocals and produce in a town with limited recording studios.

He humbly remarks, “If I end up making it big in the progress that’d be awesome but that’s not my all-time goal. I want to open a cheap high-quality recording studio for the public to use. I want to help less fortunate make music so they can be happy.” 

Michael dropped a new album recently, check out his new album, ‘Bittersweet’ and if you haven’t already be sure to listen to ‘This is Me’.