What Can YOU Do To Help The Victims of Australia’s Wildfires?

Since September wildfires have been ravaging across Australia in one of the worst bushfire seasons in memory. Over 15.6 million acres (63,000 sq km) of land have burned, killing 27 people with more going missing each day. A total of 2,000 homes have been destroyed so far and according to the BBC simply breathing the air is as bad as smoking 37 cigarettes.

To animals, the casualties have been even worse. A shocking estimated 1 billion animals have been killed.

More than 70 Canadian firefighters are in Australia right now, attempted to repay to favor of Australian firefighters coming to B.C. in its record-setting wildfire season. A wildfire officer from B.C., Gary Horsman said,” In 2017 and 2018 we had a number of Australians working here and we would have struggled without them.”

But what can normal people do if we have no knowledge of firefighting?

Many charities and crowdfunding campaigns are working to support the people and animals affecting by the devastating wildfires.

Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross provides emergency shelter and recovery hubs to thousands of people and families across Australia. It also works to reunite those that have been separated in the bushfire emergency.

A donation to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery supports those at evacuation centers, volunteers, emergency assistance and cash grants to those that have lost their homes the wildfires, as well as helps prepare families and communities for future disasters.

Salvation Army Australia

Salvation Army Australia provides support the those on the frontlines of the wildfires including, meals, mental health support, and housing. While is it usually common to donate clothes and other items to the Salvation Army, during the wildfires they advise donors to send money, due to logistical difficulties.

A donation to the Australian Salvation Army allows them to continue to give crucial support when it’s needed most and gives much-needed money for communities to recover.

RSPCA New South Wales

RSPCA New South Wales is a group of veterinarians, inspectors, and staff, working to protect as many animals as they can. They are working to evacuate animals and livestock, as well as returning to burnt areas to assess any injured animals.

A donation to RSPCA NSW will help them to keep their inspectors on the road assisting animals and responding to emergencies.

Supporting First Nations Communities

A crowdfunding page has been set up to support the First Nations communities affected by the wildfires. The gofundme was set by Neil Morris, a First Nations man, and a community rights/empowerment advocate.

Morris says on gofundme, a donation would offer “culturally sensitive, specific direct support” to relocation cost, emergency relief, and refurbishment costs for First Nations people affected by the wildfires.