Birds of Prey: Female Power at Its Finest

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Warning: this review contains spoilers!

(Disclaimer: this movie is rated R.)

Empowering, entertaining, and relatable are only three out of many words I could use to describe Birds of Prey. It is a movie that focuses on how a girl named Harley Quinn, survives after a big breakup. Teenagers can relate to similar situations. It’s also a film where you realize how powerful a person can be after knowing his or her worth.

Now, I know that look on your face, you’re starting to think that the movie is going to be boring because it’s about girls wiping each other’s tears and planning a sleepover because someone got dumped. Sike! YOU’RE WRONG. It’s about how Harley Quinn, who wreaked havoc on her enemies while under Joker’s protection, is under attack.

So, here are the top four reasons why everyone should check out this movie.

1. Women Women Women.

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Throughout the movie, we can really see how the team behind all of this film really portrayed how women can save each other without the help of any male. Given that the director and producer of this movie are also females, they really include a great portrayal of female rage.

During the last fight scene of with all the main characters, where they were trapped in a building full of men circulating around, sooo ready to kill them all, instead of giving up, the group of women all decided to fight back. As they’re fighting off the bad boys, Harley hands Black Canary a hair tie and then she quickly grabs it, thanking her, and seamlessly continues fighting off bad guys as she’s throwing her hair up.

This movie, along with others like Captain Marvel, are helping to break the thoughts that only men can save the world, that women are always waiting for men to save them. Nuh-uh, not in this movie, hun. Movies like this empower women and prove to the world that ladies can do it, too (duh).

2. Goodness Always Triumphs!

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Harley Quinn has been around Joker for so long that people directly conclude that she’s a bad person just like him, but the truth is, she’s not. She tries to betray the child at the end of the movie for her own sake but she ends up getting eaten by her conscience and finally does the right thing. How pure is that? It gives viewers a glimpse of who Harley Quinn really is. The movie reinforces the idea that no matter how much you surround yourself with bad people, if you have good morals, evil will never have a place in your heart.

3. New anti-heroes ready to the rescue!

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An anti hero is a protagonist that lacks the characteristics that would make them a hero. Quite simply, anti heroes rock.

This movie introduces new anti heroes that people have not seen before. They make lesser known comic book characters come to life by letting them be part of one of the films in the DC Extended Universe. In this film, we see characters like Huntress (a.k.a Crossbowgirl) who is fairly ruthless in her methods, and Black Canary, a singer who has the ability to emit a sonic scream that can shatter eardrums, and Renee Montoya, a detective who never fails to stand up for her beliefs and who overcomes indignities of being a woman in a male-dominated field.

4. Villains are super annoying (as they should be).

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Some movies show us villains who are not this ruthless, where at the end of the movie, you go and feel bad for them or regret hating them (don’t worry, I do, too). But in Birds of Prey, the villains are truly infuriating. 

In this film, we have Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask – a brutal crime lord who likes to torture his unfortunate victims – and Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina), a ruthless killer who carves a tally mark onto his body every time he kills someone.

So…is this movie worth it?


Aside from my reasons, we can also not forget about the mind blowing visual effects and the oh-so-amazing  soundtrack. It should make you laugh, too. Although some scenes are pretty much predictable, the portrayal of characters is really something else. My overall rate would be 8.5/10.