Jia Jia Lok: the Best Place for Scrambled Egg with Beef on Rice

Are you worried about where to have a decent lunch? Still, worried if there isn’t enough time to enjoy your lunch? Visit Jia Jia Lok if you like traditional Chinese food, I promise, it can solve every problem you have! 

The lok’s style is mostly southern Chinese taste, and the cook Mr. lin is from Hong Kong, and he has more than six years of cooking experience. There are also a variety of choices of dishes: beef with rice, chicken with rice or even noodles. You can find a dish for yourself, no matter if you are a rice nerd or noodle lover. Most of the dishes are between $12 to $15, but it won’t cost you more than $10 if you order a lunch special.  

For a personal recommendation, I suggest ‘the beef and scrambled egg on rice’. That is one of my favorite dishes:, the beef is already soused by a well-mixed recipe, which makes the beef more succulent. Your dish will get to be even more favorable if you mix the egg sauce with the rice., which it will fulfill both your mind and stomach.

Beef and scrambled egg on rice.

The history of this restaurant is very old for the neighborhood. Its origin can trace back to 20 years ago when the first owner started this spot. There are a few photos on the walls from the original restaurant that were taken when the first owner was there. The chief who is working in the kitchen now is the second owner.

Lok is located in the University Commons: you can find it at the intersection of King Street and University Avenue. The restaurant also has a take-out service, and it’s open between 11 am to 10 pm. I recommend  lunch or supper, or maybe both.