One Slice of Pizza for Honour Roll Lunch isn’t Satisfying

On Thursday, March 5th, WCI held a pizza lunch for its honour roll students in the front foyer of the school. There was little walking room as students crowded the space, waiting to get their slice.

While honour roll happens every year, it recognizes students who in the first semester have an overall average above 80%. Not all students have the same difficulty in their first semester courses, which can make the system a problem of unfairness. WCI teacher, Mrs. Jilesen, shared her experience at Galt Collegiate Institute & Vocational School and Forest Heights Collegiate Institute where the two high schools no longer celebrate honour roll because teachers wanted students to pay more attention to learning rather than marks. 

Given the data from WCI’s main office, approximately 464 students (including outside e-learning students) got on the honour roll, and grade 10s and grade 12s make up 61%. Out of the total, not including e-learning students, there were 86 grade 9s, 115 grade 10s, 83 grade 11s, 147 grade 12s students on the honour roll this year. 

FJORD reporter, Yaowei Yin, conducted an informal survey of 17 students who are on the honour roll and 60% of them found the honour roll easy to get onto. 80% of these students found one slice of pizza as the reward not satisfying and suggested more desserts, pens or pencils with WCI logo, notebooks and gift cards. 

This year has been WCI’s third honour roll lunch since they changed it from honour roll breakfast because honour roll breakfast happens during first-period class. It was inconvenient for the students to miss the first-period class, whereas lunchtime is easier to organize and attend. 

The mixed reviews of honour roll lunch lead to questions about whether or not it should be the same next year.