Athlete Profile: Ryan B

Ryan B is a fifth year student at WCI. He’s been involved with sports his whole life. He plays football, rugby and basketball for school as well as the KW Rep Vipers basketball team.

Ryan has participated in basketball ever since he was a kid. He first began playing house league, and he later joined the KW Rep Vipers basketball team in grade 6, which lasted all the way up to grade 9. He stopped playing outside of school basketball when he got a part-time job where he felt like it was taking up too much of his time, practicing almost everyday with school sports going on as well.

Ryan has played a key role in the recent success of basketball at WCI. He was named a WCSSAA all star for the Sr. Boys’ Basketball team in the 2017/2018 season.

When asked about his favourite basketball team he said, “Toronto Raptors, I have been a fan of the Raptors for a long time, ever since I was a kid. My favourite Raptor player of all time would be Demar Derozan. One of my favourite memories with the team so far was when Kawhi Leonard shot the game winner to win the series against the Philadelphia 76ers last year. That was definitely one of the craziest moments I’ve witnessed.”

Photo used with permission: 519SportsOnline

When Ryan is off the court, he’s on the gridiron making plays in football. He first started playing tackle football for WCI in grade 9 where he served as an offensive lineman, which resulted in him winning the lineman of the year award at a team banquet.

Through a terrible ACL injury in rugby later in the spring of grade 9, Ryan had to take an entire year off, therefore missing his grade 10 year of sports. It was not until grade 11 when Beach came back to sports more motivated than ever before: he hated the feeling of not being able to compete. As a grade 11 on the Sr. Boys’ Football team, he had a key role playing running back/ defensive end where he had the opportunity to have a starting position. He has been a great teammate as well as contributor to the football program at WCI.

Photo by Athletic Leadership Class

Scoring in rugby is not an easy task: it would be unreal to score over three individual tries in a game. Ryan came into grade 9 with no idea how the game of rugby was played. During his very first rugby tournament, however, he recorded over six tries in less than two games!

Before school closures due to COVID-19, Ryan, who was starting his final season of Vikings rugby, had high hopes for this year to be special: “This senior team and the atmosphere around rugby at WCI is amazing. We all have a goal to go as far as we can, it seems like a lot of the seniors are on the same page.”

With recent events related to COVID-19 as well as the cancellation of school for an unknown period of time, Ryan as well as his teammates are at a loss of words. Ryan feels fairly upset with the outcome that there are no sports inside or outside of school. It is unlikely that sports will happen in the upcoming months until safe to do so, so Ryan along with many athletes, especially fifth years on the senior rugby team, are feeling an acute loss, especially considering the potential that the team had this year.

Sports take up a lot of Ryan’s time. He loves every second of every element: practices, games and especially the camaraderie that comes with sports is what keeps him engaged with sports all the time. Ryan hopes to play a sport in the future at the university/college level.