10 Quaran-Things To Do While You are #StayingHome

Coronavirus is everywhere and we cannot control how this virus is being handled, but we can help slow the spread. Staying at home is the best solution for now. I know it can be boring to be at home with no idea what to do, so here are some things I came up with so you won’t have to suffer the boredom.

With all the things you can do while you’re stuck at home, you should not forget to read the news and updates about this pandemic. Follow the rules and be mindful of your actions. STAY HOME. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. 

1. Read the book you’ve always wanted to read when you didn’t have time.
When in school, you get to have these thick books around you but now, you have all the free time to read a good book you like without anything or anyone pressuring you.

2. Take time to reflect and motivate yourself.
There is so much a person can do in this world.  This is the perfect time to reflect on yourself and appreciate your capabilities. School can be really stressful sometimes that you forget to check yourself. Relax. Think of the things you’re good at. Things you should avoid or stop doing or simply think of things you should be grateful for.

3. Learn a new hobby!
It is never too late to get excited about something you’ve never tried before. Learn a dance. Try painting. Make Tiktok videos (of you doing your new hobby) and cringe when you see the results after. Entertain yourself and do not care what others may think.

Gif by Gfycat. Tiktok by @charlidamelio.

4. Make a list of your lifetime goals.
It doesn’t matter how big or how small, write it all down. Do not be afraid to dream big, as soon as you write it all down, that’s enough for yourself to be motivated enough to work hard and try to reach those goals.

5. Study in advance.
I know that look on your face right now that I mentioned something school-related. I get it. Me too. However, this does not mean you should forget about school because there’s no school…yet. I’m not saying you should study every hour of every day but at least learn a thing or two each day. Knowing something in advance won’t only help you increase your marks when school starts but it can also boost your confidence, that will eventually lead to success.

6. Clean your room and donate unused clothes!
It is the perfect time to declutter your closet and be surprised by the hidden treasures a.k.a clothes you forgot you had.  Also, a clean room will motivate you to get your life together all the time. Messy room, messy life.

Gif by Giphy.

7. Learn how to cook.
We’re in this stage in life in which we’re going to have to learn how to cook on our own because our parents might be waking up late and so if we don’t want to starve, we need to DO OUR OWN COOKING. Don’t worry, I also just learned how to cook scrambled eggs, and I’m in my senior year: fun. Cooking something without the help of anyone will make you so happy you end up not eating it because you’re too proud, or it’s just me. Anyways, it’s never too early to get ready for adulthood guys.

Gif by Giphy.

8. Binge-watch your favourite tv show.
Well I really don’t need to explain this since everyone must be doing this right now, so continue watching and enjoy. Pause from time to time and eat something will ya? Or go outside, but physically distance yourself from others.

9. Spend time with your family.
Too often we get busy in school and work that we forget to have quality time with our loved-ones, well now is the time to make up for it. Watch movies at home with them, help your parents with the household chores and cook dinner with them. We are so busy growing up, we also forget that our parents are growing old. (Shhh, don’t tell them we noticed.)

Gif by Giphy.

10. Work out.
Get that summer body you’ve always dreamed of having. Or just get your blood flowing after sitting on the couch for so long. Drink plenty of water. Do it and you’ll never be more proud when you see the results. 


There are many support systems you could reach out to if you ever need help. Do not be scared to reach out. Take care of yourself and avoid worrying too much about a situation we cannot control. 

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