You Have Been Caught Lacking by Online Learning

Photo by Indigo Skinner

Exactly one month ago on March 14, it was the first day of March break. Everyone was excited and enjoying themselves as two days prior, on the 12th, we all found out that we would be getting a bonus two weeks to our break. We wouldn’t have to do school work or anything for three whole weeks! It was almost like we were back on Winter holiday, minus the snow for the most part. Little did we know that those two weeks would keep extending and extending.

Now back to April 14th: more commonly known as the day the break ended.

Yesterday was the launch of online learning throughout the WRDSB to hopefully bring back some normalcy to students’ lives. I for one can attest to the fact that when I checked my email in the morning there were over twenty email notifications from Google classroom about all of these new assignments and other materials being uploaded for my learning pleasure.

For some this statement is true, and this is an exciting and joyful moment for you as you jump back into schoolwork and continue to learn things instead of wasting your days away.

For others, the statement is dripping with sarcasm and the loss of freedom yet again as school ties us up with numerous assignments and things to get done before the end of the year.

For those of you who are excited about the return of learning and deadlines, I’m sure that you have spent some time over the last week setting up the perfect learning environment for yourself. For that, you deserve a gold star and an A+ on your report card, but oh wait, nothing you do from this point forward can be counted towards your mark. All it can do is help you get a better grade, so quite literally you could receive an A+ for your hard work in preparing.

For those who were dreading this moment and suddenly found themselves bombarded this morning and have subsequently decided to sleep the rest of the day off, I am here to help you. I want to help you succeed and earn that high grade that you always dreamed of having but couldn’t get.


The first thing you need to do is wake up, dust off that brain of yours and actually read all those emails to see what you have to accomplish.

Photo by Indigo Skinner



Secondly, I want you to get a healthy meal in you so that you are energized and ready to go. Then you will need to find a nice working space to set up shop in. I highly recommend the dinner table or other such table, but do not use your couch or bed as you will not be productive in the slightest.


Now it’s time to get cracking. Make a schedule and plan out how you will tackle each course throughout the week. Take it one hour at a time, and avoid checking Snapchat or Instagram every three minutes. Start those assignments and slowly chip away at them until you’ve finished all the simple stuff.


Lastly, I want you to go outside and breathe some fresh air as I’m sure you have spent basically the last month in your bed watching endless amounts of Netflix, YouTube and Tik Tok. So treat your body right and breathe in some air that is more oxygen than body odours and farts.


Now even those of you who have been dreading this day are prepared to combat the workload of school from your home. I wish you all the best of luck in completing your courses and always keep this in mind: sure, you don’t have to do the work now, but what happens next year when you need to know this year’s material to help you succeed?