Top 5 Hairstyles in a Quarantine

When you’re quarantined at home and there’s simply not a lot to do, what’s better than to go for a change? Here are the top five hairstyles many people (particularly teenagers) are going for during the pandemic. 

1. The e-girl

Thanks to TikTok, trends of turning into an e-girl/e-boy have been on the rise for quite some time now. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that dying the two front strands of your hair right now is a must-do.

2. The whole hair

This is one step further from the e-girl look! Now, toilet paper and hand sanitizer selling out makes sense, but hair dye, too? According to Research firm Nielsen, the sales of hair colouring products have increased by 23% and hair clipper sales have gone up by more than 160% compared with the same time period last year. Dying your whole head will pass time, look super cool, and will be a fun process overall – if you can find the dye.

3. The buzzcut

With the popular hashtag #buzzcut floating around on Twitter, many people are taking big risks by shaving their heads. It requires very little maintenance, so why not? Hair salons and barbershops are closed anyway. Celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Cody Simpson, and Pink have shown off their short cuts on social media. 

4. The bangs

“I gave myself bangs!” What a classic. During this time, they’re one of the most tempting hairstyles as they’re simple to do and so easily stylish. If your DIY bangs do go wrong somehow, they will all grow back in a couple months, and of course, no one is going anywhere for the next month or so. I would say it’s the perfect time to get (or try) your dream bangs! 

5. The greasy hair bun

Yes, you read that right… It’s the ugly truth. Realistically speaking, when there’s nowhere to go for a while, it’s a lot easier swirling your long hair up into a tight bun and not having to deal with it for the rest of the day. 


It’s an understatement to say that I love seeing my friends changing up their hairstyles and hair colours during their quarantine. If you’re currently debating about whether or not you should do something different with your hair, I say go for it.

Good luck finding hair dye and hair clippers!


Artist: Alexis Dolino-Janes

Fun fact: Alexis also dyed her two front strands of hair!