COVID-19 Conspiracy: Did the K-Drama Predict the Current Pandemic?

Image from: asianwiki
Image from asianwiki

Although it originated halfway across the globe, everyone knows that the Coronavirus has been around since November 2019, and it recently became a serious predicament for Canadians in the beginning of March 2020.

Whether it be tanking our economy, striking fear in the hearts of citizens, or making the class of 2020 unable to attend prom, it’s undeniable that this virus has negatively impacted our country in countless ways. In these unprecedented times, wouldn’t it be shocking if someone knew about the Coronavirus before it actually struck?

If the internet is like white lines on a long limitless road, then somewhere along those lines, Korean pop fans and Korean drama viewers have uncovered a suspicious coincidence in the K-drama series called, My Secret Terrius. Fans have claimed that one scene from the show referenced Coronavirus a year before it started infecting people in real-life.

The scene depicts a doctor introducing a new virus, Coronavirus, and explaining its effects on the respiratory system. What is scary are the details. The clip below is from My Secret Terrius, Episode 10, which aired in 2018.


As strange as it sounds, it’s true. The two viruses, the one in the show, and the one in reality, seem incredibly close, not only in name. The similarities are striking:

Coronavirus in 2019-2020 Coronavirus in My Secret Terrius
Affects the respiratory system Affects the respiratory system
Incubation period of 1- 14 days Incubation period of 1- 14 days
Mutant virus Mutant virus
No cure or vaccine No cure or vaccine

The terrifying part of My Secret Terrius is the parallel between the outbreak caused by the virus in the show and the outbreak we are experiencing now, in 2020.

Upon viewing the K-drama episode people have taken to Twitter to express their speculation.


Conspiracy theories are not only an interesting way to look but another way to entertain ourselves during this time. But we need to be careful and think critically.

Did the show have something to do with the Coronavirus now? Is this show meant to be a message? Did someone create the virus to slow down our population?

In the K-drama, the Coronavirus was man-made and tweaked to have a mortality rate of 90%. Thankfully, the Coronavirus’ current mortality rate is significantly lower than the 90% described in the TV show, sitting at around 5% according to the Canadian Public Health Service.

According to Merck Manuals, Coronavirus was first found in the 1930’s in meat products, causing live animals to experience respiratory and neurological defects. Since then, scientists have discovered seven Coronaviruses that affect humans: four of which are the common cold flu, and two of which are the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Now with 2020’s recent outbreak, COVID-19 has been identified as the seventh Coronavirus. MERS, SARS and COVID-19 are severe and can be fatal.

You can watch the full episode on The Sun.