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Photo from Marcela B.

Yoshi is a quaker parrot who is able to imitate sounds like a can being opened, people laughing, and kissing sounds! She recently turned 11 a couple weeks ago, so happy belated birthday Yoshi!


Photo from Tia Z.

Lucky is bichon-shih tzu who likes to play fetch, although sometimes he’ll try to make you chase after him, instead of just bringing the toy back to you! He is three years old and is really good at making puppy dog eyes!


Photo from Jackson M.

Gemmie is a year and a half old English Bulldog who loves playing with her bone and getting her belly rubbed!


Photo from Camille M.

Charlie is a two year old golden doodle, who is super active! He loves to run around trying to chase squirrels, and especially the groundhog that lives in his backyard. He’s a great cuddle buddy but is ready to play at a moment’s notice!


Winston Y.’s Spider

Photo from Winston Y.

Winston’s spider is a two year old Chilean Rose tarantula. Winston decided to have a pet spider because the colouring is very cool and compared to other types of pets, spiders have longer lives. Although some people might find it a bit odd, Winston likes having this strange pet! It is non-toxic and doesn’t take up too much space!


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