With Glowing [and Distanced] Hearts, We Raise Our Timmies

Photo by Kaylee Ainsworth

On your way to work in the morning: grab that double-double. Heading to hockey practice with the boys: coffees and a 50 pack of Timbits. Sitting out in the middle of the lake ice fishing: better have stopped and grabbed your Timmies, eh.

While some other countries look to us and laugh (because we legalized marijuana, our money is basically named after Looney Tunes, and many think we live in igloos and ride moose to work), we are ahead of others in this time of COVID-19 and further ahead with our own sense of national pride and identity. One such icon of Canada is Timmies, more formally known as Tim Hortons: it is something that Canadians live and breathe (and drink) everyday.

This corporation has become a staple of living in this country so much so that it is embedded in almost everything we do.

When businesses began to feel the noose of quarantine tighten around their financial necks, panic set in. Yet Timmies stood proudly and firmly in their Canadian way, serving coffee and doughnuts to all.

While they are limited to only drive through access, people still flock to Timmies each and every day, risking life and death, to satiate their addictions for Canadian pride.

And for those who can’t make the trip, Timmies’ introduced free delivery in places where it is needed and can be offered reasonably. This change in their policy to offer delivery free of charge or at a greatly reduced cost has really helped to keep Canadians in touch with their inner coffee drinking selves.

Timmies has also set aside 40 million dollars for employees affected by COVID-19 at this time. If an employee of Tim Hortons contracts the virus while at work or is suspected of contracting it there, they will be paid their normal weekly wage for up to two weeks, the time they would be stuck in self-isolation.

Timmies is not only just a strong symbol of Canada but they are also a leader among businesses who have stayed open. Other companies, upon hearing of the plan launched by Timmies, commissioned and developed similar plans in an effort to help keep employees and the public safe.

To us all, coffee is no longer something that wakes us up in the morning or helps a day pass by faster. It is now something that fills our hearts with joy, it brings together old friends, and it keeps Canada calmer during this crisis.

For if we didn’t have our Timmies, I can assure you that Canada would truly be dark and bleak, like anything but the double-double.

During COVID-19, entire stores, malls, school systems, and workplaces have come to a screeching halt with orders issued by the government to cease all non-essential work in an effort to flatten the curve and stop the pandemic. With these measures in place, Canadians have quite effectively slowed the spread of the virus before it has become a major issue for everyone.

These orders have helped to protect Canada from the worst of the pandemic and while it isn’t completely over, we are beginning to see the end of the virus’ rampage. The success of this comes down to the strength and capability that Canadians have shown, as well as the learning and sharing of information worldwide so that the planet can be healthier and recover together.

So as Canadians today, let’s all raise our Tims’ cups up, eat a Timbit and roll the rim up to a brighter and healthier future.