Exclusive Interviews with Co-Mayor Candidates: What You Need To About Their Visions

During the last week of May at WCI, we usually find ourselves in a struggle between four people all vying for the position of co-mayor. In years prior, the hallways would be flooded with posters advertising each candidate, and we would hear speeches on what these people want to bring to the table in the following year.

This year is much different: we are sitting at home under quarantine as COVID-19 plays out.

Everything has changed for this year’s election as all campaigns have taken place on Instagram and Tik Tok, bringing many questions to the table as to who these candidates really are and what they want to do if elected. We are monitoring Instagram accounts and an election website, and voting online.

Voting is taking place between Wednesday, May 27 through Friday, May 29 at 3:00pm, and students have been sent personal emails with the voting forms attached.

FJORD interviewed each candidate and asked the same questions of all students. In these exclusive video interviews, you will meet each candidate. In reverse alphabetical order, here are the candidates for the 2020/2021 co-mayor positions at WCI:

Thomas V: Keep it in the family.”

Arya P: Arya ready for a change?”

Sara H Sara 4 mayor.”

William AWhere there’s a WILL there’s a way!”