Getting “The Skinny” on the Co-Mayor Candidates

Co-mayor candidates from left to right: Sara H, Thomas V, Arya P, and Will A. Photos courtesy of WCI Election website.

In a time when we’re so distanced from each other, do we really know people anymore? Do you really know who you’re voting for in the co-mayor election?

You no longer have to wonder. Here are some glimpses into our co-mayor candidate’s lives and interests to help you cast your vote. I asked each of the candidates about how their lives have changed since March Break as well as what they do now, if they’ve developed new hobbies or have taken up old ones.

Thomas V: Keep it in the family.”

Thomas is a grade 11 student at WCI.

During this time of distance learning, Thomas says he is “trying to stay up to date on work, but also enjoying the warm weather and sleeping in.”

During his spare time, he enjoys talking to his friends over Discord and playing video games with them as well. In addition, he is an avid baker, producing all kinds of treats for his family. He has a passion for history and politics, which really helps him to see all the different viewpoints of problems. 

While he does not play many sports, he plays a decent game of badminton and tennis. While taking a new liking to golf, he has really begun to try and improve so that he can be ready for his next time out on the green.

Usually, his weeks include going on bike rides with his sister in the evening and during the day he talking with friends and playing games. This week he has shifted focus and live-streamed himself playing games and baking while answering questions about his campaign.

You can follow Thomas’s campaign on Instagram.


Arya P: Arya ready for a change?”

Arya is a grade 11 student at WCI.

“With school being closed, I have been staying at home. Although it is not my typical learning environment, I’ve managed to keep up with school work provided for me,” says Arya regarding how her home life has changed since quarantine came into effect.

She enjoys drawing, listening to music, watching Netflix, and reading.

When it comes to school, Arya loves math and science, specifically chemistry and physics. Synchronized swimming is her favourite sport, which requires a lot of focus, practice, and organization. In addition, she also enjoys alpine skiing, which helps bring a balance between winter and summertime sports. It’s a shame both these sports have had their season compromised by the awkward timing of COVID.

Usually, Arya would spend her time while at home doing work, going for a bike ride, cooking or cleaning, practicing piano, and guitar. This week, her focus has shifted to that of the election where she has spent her time answering any questions asked of her, and sharing about her plans for next year as co-mayor.

You can follow Arya’s campaign on Instagram.


Sara H: Sara 4 mayor.”

Sara is a grade 11 student at WCI.

Sara says, “While the school has been closed, I have been doing a lot of reading, exercising, baking, and spending time with my family.” This certainly sounds like a great way to keep busy during a very crazy time.

Before the pandemic began, she liked to walk her dog, play different sports, and spend time with her friends and family.

In terms of academics, Sara loves biology and all the intricacies it brings as well as her Leadership class. Hockey is a near and dear sport to her as it holds a very special place in her heart. She has played as a Waterloo Raven for the last 11 years, which is evidence of her passion and love for the sport. Coincidentally, it is also her favourite sport to watch. Sadly the season this past year got cut short as COVID struck, bringing many a tear to Canadians all across the country, I’m sure.

With her focus mostly engaged with the elections this week, Sara has put a hold on many of her new hobbies while at home, such as baking, running, and relearning the piano. Throughout her campaign, she has been emphasizing how much she wants to hear peoples’ opinions while she is co-mayor.

You can follow Sara’s campaign on Instagram.


William A: Where there’s a WILL there’s a way!”

William (Will) is a grade 11 student at WCI.

“Over the past few weeks I’ve been running and working out a lot, spending tons of time with my family, getting outside whenever I can, and most importantly doing hours of school work like every other student,” says Will about what his time has looked like since school buildings closed due to COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, he played rep volleyball and has competed in many tournaments. He would also find himself often hanging out with his friends or chilling with his siblings. Lately, it has certainly become more time with the siblings than with his friends. Prior to the schools closing, his favourite subject were physics and Leadership/ABCD.

Outside of the arena that is the mind, his favourite sports to play are volleyball and tennis. While his favourite sport to watch is football, luckily football happens in the fall, so hopefully that season can start as normally scheduled.

This past week he has been busy planning and enacting his campaign for the co-mayor election, but still finds time to enjoy the simpler things in life, such as gardening, working out, and binge-watching some T.V. shows.

You can follow Will’s campaign on Instagram.


Now that you have some more information about each candidate, it is time to get down to business: it is time to cast your vote. For there is nothing more powerful than a ballot in a democracy.

My advice: Don’t waste your shot. Go into your school email and fill out the form. Voice your opinion and show your support for the candidates that you believe can lead you the best next year.

Voting will stay open until Friday, May 29 at 3:00pm.