Efforts are Being Made to Save Prom – Virtually – around North America

Two WCI students, Grace E and Selina M, pose for pictures before their 2019 prom. Photo by Omar M and contributed by Selina M.

One of the most memorable times in high school that graduating students look forward to is prom. Unfortunately, with the current restrictions on large gatherings as well as the closure of school buildings, it has become clear this student-run event will not be happening, at least not as or when originally planned.

WCI’s Class of 1994 celebrates prom in a time-honoured tradition. Photo contributed by Mrs. DeBoer.

COVID-19 is a very real issue for the entire world, and this has been a very uncertain time pertaining to people’s health. Although COVID-19 has caused many events to be canceled, some people are taking steps to make the best of a tough situation.

According to Inbrampton, Michael Salib, a student from the school St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School, decided to work with Student Life Network, which is Canada’s largest online network, to organize #PromIsOn2020. Micheal scheduled this event to happen for Friday, May 22, 2020, giving students the opportunity to join together online in order to still participate in this important event. He is quoted as saying, “This event will not only be a joyful time for graduates to connect online but also help the country by raising money and mental health awareness for Kids Help Phone.” Since this event was live-streamed, it was posted on YouTube, giving students the ability to show off their prom outfits.

Actor John Krasinski put together a YouTube video for his show Some Good News, featuring Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers. The video recognized that proms are being canceled but tries to make this a more joyful time. The Jonas brothers sang their single “Sucker for You” over the call and even Rainn Wilson made an appearance bringing back jokes from The Office. Eilish also proceeded to perform her hit “Bad Guy.” Following this episode, viewers were encouraged to join an Instagram Live for the after party.

Kaylee A and Indigo S are pose for a picture in Victoria Park before their 2019 prom. Photo by Susan A and contributed by Kaylee A.

Along with these positive alternatives to prom, two students from WCI, Lily L and Natasha F have posted polls on their social media accounts, asking students if they would be interested in having a prom organized in the summer. They will be posting updates regarding that event. It will be important for people to remember any restrictions on large gatherings that might be in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

OK2BME hosted an event online on May 29 from 9pm-11pm, gathering students identifying as part of the LGBTQ2+ community. 

Poster advertising online the Virtual Pride Prom hosted by OK2BEME.

Although this is a difficult time for many people all around the world, it’s encouraging to see many efforts to try to salvage a time-honoured tradition in the only ways that are possible for social gatherings right now: virtually.