Opinion: How to Stay Motivated During COVID-19

Albert Ton learning from home while schools are closed.

Keeping yourself sane during a pandemic can be challenging. Sooner or later, things will return back to “normal” – what that will look like is unclear. In the meantime, though, we need to find ways to help us manage this new reality.

Based on the information I gathered from an Instagram story poll from my WCI leadership account in Instagram (@albert.wci), 14 WCI students said that their motivation to do school work has decreased since school closures. Despite the small sample size that does not represent WCI’s student body or teenagers, in general, my assumption is that this feeling is common right now.

There are a couple more weeks of school left. So here are some strategies that I’ve found helpful to keep my mind at ease during the quarantine.

#1: Exercise

  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is essential for good health.
  • It is a GREAT stress reliever.
  • BUILD a workout routine you can stay consistent with; starting is the hardest part.

#2: Eat Clean

  • COOK your own food.
  • AVOID processed foods.
  • The BENEFITS of healthy eating include weight loss, better sleep, increased energy, clearer skin, etc.

#3: Create and Stay Consistent with a Routine

  • PRIORITIZE sleep.
  • SET goals for yourself.
  • STAY organized and create a schedule.

#4: Prioritize Your Mental Health

  • tips from the World Health Organization:
    • Pause. Breathe. Reflect.
    • Keep to a healthy routine
    • Connect with others
    • Be kind to yourself and others
    • Reach out for help if you need it

#5: Try New Things

With lots of free time, experiment and try to find new things that may inspire or interest you.

  • LEARN a new skill.
  • START a new hobby.
  • TRADE time on social media for a different use.


These are some of the things I have been implementing into my life during these unprecedented times to keep myself sane:

I started a consistent running regiment where I have recorded 45-50km per week where I have been using the app Strava to track my progress. Running has given my mind a break from all the distractions and negativity that is around the world. It is as easy as pressing start on the app and putting myself into cruise control.

Meditation every night has undoubtedly brought me some relaxation, too.

Sure there are other ways to keep yourself motivated at home during COVID-19, but these five tips are the most essential strategies that have worked for me.