WRDSB Secondary Summer School Goes Fully Online

D2L E-Learning webpage. Photo by Kaylee Ainsworth.

After nearly an entire semester of online distance-learning courses, the Waterloo Region District School Board unveiled its plan for Summer School courses.

The board will be offering new credits this Summer for students enrolled in high school during the 2019-2020 year.

Unlike previous years where there have been face-to-face and blended learning courses, all courses this Summer will be held entirely online. This change is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The courses run from June 29th to July 24th, and students may register for one e-learning Summer School course. The one exception to this is Civics and Careers, which are both half credits and can be taken together in the span of one regular course.

Summer school courses will be different from the emergency distance-learning courses students took part in this semester as students will be expected to do roughly six hours of work daily plus two hours of homework for 110 hours in total by the end of the course. They may also experience weekly video conferencing to support their learning.

In addition, there will be a wide range of assessments, which may include tests/quizzes, assignments, reflections, and discussions. All grades will consist of evidence gathered through these assessments as well as conversations and classwork.

A list of courses being offered can be found below; however, these offerings are subject to change based on enrolment numbers.

In addition to the courses listed above, there will also be a one-credit co-op available. It is not stated precisely how this will run, but students may still sign up. It is important to note that this course will not fulfill the Specialist High Skill Major (SHSM) requirement.

The board has also announced that it will not be running credit recovery as it has in the past. Instead, it will run credit upgrading, which gives students who passed courses taken during the emergency distance learning after March 13 to the end of the semester the “opportunity to review and strengthen key learning in a course.” These upgraded courses will be offered online in half the length of a regular course.

If students are interested in registering for summer school, they should contact their guidance counselor for more information.


The current course offerings for Summer school include the following:

Grade 9: 

  • Academic/Applied English (ENG1DE/ENG1PE)
  • Learning Strategies (GLS1OE)
  • Academic/Applied Math (MPM1DE/MPM1PE)
  • Bridge to Academic Math (MPM1HE – 0.5 credit)
  • Academic/Applied Science (SNC1DE/SNC1PE)

Grade 10: 

  • Media Arts (ASM2OE)
  • Civics (CHV2OE)
  • Careers (GLC2OE)
  • Academic/Applied History (CHC2DE/CHC2PE)
  • Academic/Applied/Essential English (ENG2DE/ENG2PE/ENG2LE)
  • Academic/Applied Math (MPM2DE/MPM2PE)
  • Academic/Applied Science (SNC2DE/SNC2PE)
  • Communications Technology (TGJ2OE)

Grade 11: 

  • IT Applications in Business (BTA3OE)
  • Travel and Tourism (CGG3OE)
  • World History (CHW3ME)
  • English Media Studies (EMS3OZ – for ELL students)
  • University/College/Workplace English (ENG3UE/ENG3CE/ENG3EE)
  • Designing Your Future (GWL3OE)
  • University/College Intro to Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology (HSP3UE/HSP3CE)
  • University/College Computer Science (ICS3UE/ICS3CE)
  • University/College Functions (MCR3UE/MCF3ME)
  • Health for Life (PPZ3OE)
  • University/College Biology (SBI3UE/SBI3CE)
  • University Chemistry (SCH3UE)
  • University Physics (SPH3UE)
  • Communications Technology (TGJ3ME)

Grade 12: 

  • Visual Arts (AVI4ME)
  • International Business (BBB4ME)
  • Business Management (BOH4ME)
  • University World Issues (CGW4UE)
  • University/College Canadian and International Law (CLN4UE/CLN4CE)
  • University/College English (ENG4UE/ENG4CE/)
  • University Studies in Literature (ETS4UE)
  • University French (FSF4UE)
  • Navigating the Workplace (GLN4OE)
  • University Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4UE)
  • University/College Computer Science (ICS4UE/ICS4CE)
  • University Data Management (MDM4UE)
  • University Advanced Functions (MHF4UE)
  • Ontario Literacy Course (OLC4CE/OLC4ZE – latter is for ELL students only)
  • University Introductory Kinesiology (PSK4UE)
  • University Biology (SBI4UE)
  • University/College Chemistry (SCH4UE/SCH4CE)
  • University/College Physics (SPH4UE/SCH4CE)
  • Communications Technology (TGJ4ME)