Art During the Pandemic: Arran K

Art has the power to uncover true emotions and help deal with the issues that affect our minds.

The “Art during the Pandemic” series continues with a new artist: Arran K. Based in Waterloo, Arran is a grade 9 student at WCI. Today, she introduces us to a recent piece of artwork that was inspired by the current pandemic.


CH: Tell us about your art. 

AK: The title of this piece is “Drowning in a Sea of Struggles,” and it was made on May 26th. It was made to represent our mental health and all of the thoughts that crowd our minds during this time. I asked some of my friends and classmates on Instagram to share some of their struggles that they’re facing during the pandemic and incorporated them in the piece. It took around 5-6 hours in total to create it, including planning, making multiple drafts, sketching, painting, inking, etc.


CH: Does your art piece connect to the current pandemic?

AK: Definitely, and if anything it was heavily inspired by it. A lot of the time, the art I create is a reflection of my thoughts, and current things that I’m inspired by. 


CH: How do you think art in general is affected during this time period?

AK: Art is being encouraged as of right now, since many people have spare time and are thinking of things to do. I’ve also noticed that both artists and non-artists are trying it out and I think it’s great.


CH: Has the art you produced changed since you’ve been in quarantine?

AK: I think it’s changed a little bit, yes. Like I mentioned in a separate question, my art reflects my emotions and these past couple of months have arrived with its own set of issues.


CH: Do you find yourself producing more art because you’re at home all the time now?

AK: Surprisingly no. Ever since quarantine started and we all transferred to e-learning, I’ve found it difficult to stay motivated, especially when it comes to completing school work. Smaller tasks seem so much harder to complete, and so I know that if I try working on art projects, I’ll fall further behind in school work. However, I’m excited for school to end so I can start doing more art, and more of things I enjoy doing.


CH: Has art helped you during the pandemic?

AK: Art has undeniably helped me during the pandemic, since I can let out my thoughts. Whether it be journalling, painting, sketching, or any other form of art, many people (including myself) find it helpful to express their feelings on paper. 


Now, a little bit about the artist… 


CH: How long have you been doing art?

AK: Like almost any kid, as long as I can remember. However, I think I started showing serious interest around Grade 4, when I began using sketchbooks. 


CH: What other hobbies do you have in your daily life? 

AK: I enjoy playing video games, the ones I’m currently playing are Animal Crossing New Horizons and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I also enjoy singing (I used to take vocal lessons before the pandemic started), and just music in general.


CH: How are you during this pandemic?

AK: I’ve been pretty good, school work has definitely been really stressful, but having my sister around is keeping me sane.