Art During the Pandemic: Elia X

This interview is the third in a series called, “Art during the Pandemic’,” that features artist students that link their reflective art with the global crisis. In part three, I feature artist Elia X and her artwork inspired by the current pandemic. 

CH: Tell us about your art. 

EX: Since I have never been serious about my art I did not take the time to properly title it. If I did, it would be along the lines of The 3 Masked Muses. The sketch, done with HB2 and 6B pencil, was done over many days during quarantine, whenever I found some free time from remote learning. It took approximately 2 hours.


CH: Does your art piece connect to the current pandemic?

EX: The sketch was inspired by the new appearance of society during the pandemic through models in old magazines I had laying around the house. People are encouraged to wear non-medical masks to protect others while also keeping physical distance when they are out shopping or walking through parks. It definitely is not normal to see our neighbours, friends and strangers in grocery stores and on the streets in masks. This was strange when the quarantine rules began to roll out, but has now become a norm in society and I find that if I am not wearing a mask, people seem afraid to even walk a meter’s length away from me. 


CH: How do you think art in general is affected during this time period?

EX: I think art during the pandemic has seen a significant increase when talking in terms of production. Artists have more time to focus on their art, whether it’d be painting, singing or editing photos/videos, I think this has helped artists and others have a newfound appreciation for art. 


CH: Has the art you produced changed since you’ve been in quarantine? Do you find yourself producing more art because you’re at home all the time now?

EX: The art I produce has not changed during the pandemic, since I tend to focus on producing art that is influenced by society. I think I have had more time to focus on it, since it is what I enjoy doing, and because of this, I have been able to produce more pieces than usual. 


CH: Has art helped you during the pandemic?

EX: Creating and enjoying art from others has helped me during this pandemic since I am able to express my thoughts or images I have seen on different mediums or relate to other artists. Even if the art is not related to the pandemic I think it keeps my thoughts from always being on it. One of my favourite artists, The Weeknd, released an album a week into the March Break, when I started to self-isolate and it was able to distract me from what was happening in the world. Society has turned to the entertainment industry, whose foundation is made up by artists, to keep themselves occupied during these times. It goes to show how important and maybe how undervalued artists are.


Now, a little bit about the artist… 



CH: How long have you been doing art?

EX: I have been doing art since I was able to hold a pencil, however I think Crayola markers were the medium of choice in my earlier years!


CH: What other hobbies do you have in your daily life? 

EX: Besides sketching and painting, other hobbies I enjoy include photography which I haven’t been able to do so much lately, reading and watching Netflix.


CH: How are you during this pandemic?

EX: I have been a little bit anxious because of the uncertainty the situation holds, but other than that I have been doing okay.