P&B Jams – Episode 1: Review of Savage Mode II

In this series of FJORD’s podcast, “What Are We Talking About Today?” Ben Lizon and Patrick Keong, review artists and albums from a variety of genres. If you have a preference, it’s probably in this series.

In episode 1, they review 21 Savage’s 4th studio album. The teenage audience is often quite drawn to more rebellious and hedonistic forms of expression, and 21 Savage is a great example of the type of music teenagers might be interested in.

Listen to Savage Mode II.

Some Background

21 Savage (a.k.a. Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) is a rapper based in Atlanta. This album is the highly anticipated sequel to his previous outing with superproducer Metro Boomin.

His career started in 2013 when he released a few mixtapes including The Slaughter Tape and Slaughter King. He eventually gained traction in 2016 when he teamed up with Metro Boomin, a previously unknown producer who had yet to make it in the industry. They released the album Savage Mode with little success in first-week sales but huge success in the hip hop mainstream.

In 2017 Savage dropped his first commercial album, the appropriately named Issa Album, and that same year teamed up with Metro Boomin and rapper Offset of the trio Migos to release the album Without Warning. He remained busy throughout the next year featuring on a few projects here and there, only to return in the tail end of 2018 with his album I Am > I Was. 21 was improving and other than a short scandal with him being revealed to be born in England, he remained relatively quite in 2019.

That brings us to the present, early in February of 2020, 21 and Metro Boomin hinted at a sequel to the album that started both of their careers, though it was postponed due to the emerging pandemic Savage Mode II was finally blessed upon listeners.

Best Tracks: Many Men, RNS, Said N Done

Worst Track: Mr. Right Now (Feat. Drake)