P&B Jams – Episode 2: Hyperpop, a Genre Showcase

In this episode, Patrick and Ben take a small dive into hyperpop through three different artists: 100 Gecs, Dorian Electra and Charli XCX. Listen to them give their thoughts about hyperpop and its place in mainstream culture.

Listen to Charli XCX on Spotify

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Favourite Tracks from Dorian: Career Boy, Man to Man, Mr. to You

Favourite Tracks from Charli XCX: Forever, Pink Diamond, Detonate

Favourite Tracks from 100 Gecs (Ben): Stupid Horse, Money Machine, Gec 2 U

Some Background:

One of the newest genres, hyperpop is breaking boundaries and norms in nearly all facets. Whether it be the extreme sounds or unorthodox vocal inflections, hyperpop takes many pop norms and puts them to the extreme. Mixing the sounds of bubblegum bass, electronic dance music, and traditional pop sounds.

The genre roots from nightcore and club music, where speeding up the tempo and pitching vocals was quite prevalent. Hyperpop takes these conventions and is all about the extreme, which can be heard best in the ‘hyperpop breakdown’ which often shows a mashing of the beat and extreme noise sequences.

Hyperpop was broken to a larger audience by the largest artist in their catalogue, Charli XCX. Far from her days writing gushy radio pop tunes, Charli is now the primary introduction to the PC music camp of groups such as 100gecs, Dorian Electra, Kero Kero Bonito, GTFOY, SOPHIE, and others.

The genre is extremely new, only really becoming a label in the late 2010s under a few legendary releases from Dorian Electra, SOPHIE, Charli XCX and 100gecs. Though hyperpop may not be for everyone, it has sure found its niche of hardcore listeners and gives the LGBTQ a space to feel accepted and find some idols.