P&B Jams – Episode 3: Interview with Lenn7

In the first interview of “What Are We Talking About Today,” Patrick and Ben have a conversation about music and the artist’s process with friend and peer, Lenn7.

Listen to Lenn7 on Soundcloud.

Check out Nico’s Artstation for some art.

Some Background:

Lenn7, or Nico Czako to most, is a Croatian-Canadian multi medium artist based in Waterloo, Ontario. Beginning to draw from a young age, Nico was often quiet and withdrawn in his early years, spending most of his time improving his skills in drawing and painting.

By the time Nico hit grade 8, he’d been drawing for many years and playing guitar for a few as well. He wanted to extend his talents past simply being a visual artist, by producing and writing his own hip hop songs. Nicknamed Lenny (because he looked like the vegetarian shark from Shark Tale) by his friend Ben, Nico embraced the nickname and released his first song in early grade 9.

“Life as Lenn7” was the first of a few singles dropped in grade 9, most of which are now no longer available on Soundcloud. Over his time in high school, Lenn7 released a few more singles, dabbling in some EDM as well as some more lighthearted hip hop songs, but never anything substantial.

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic led Lenn7 back into the studio, into writing lyrics and into making beats. In September of 2020 Lenn7 teased towards maybe releasing an EP, and released a new single titled “Tired.” Lenn7 is looking to continue making music and making both physical and digital art for years to come.