In Photos: 14 Non-School Activities to Do At Home

Because of COVID-19, students and their friends/families have more spare time on their hands due to restrictions put in place all across Ontario. Here are some things students and their families are doing that you, too, can do with your newly acquired time.


If you have access to a drawing utensil, such as a pencil and paper: you can sketch. Sketch something in front of you, something outside, get someone in your household to pose for you, or simply something you’ve thought of in your mind. You could even sketch online if you have software that allows you to do so.

Read a Book

Another activity you can do is read a book. Read your favourite book, a book you have yet to read, or one laying around your house. Audiobooks and E-Books are also an option if you have access to them.

Play With Pets

If you have a pet in your household, grab some toys, treats, or other and play with your pet to simply spend time with them!


Take some time to do crafts. With whatever you have access to, find some crafts you can make using these materials. For example, my mother is working on crocheting a blanket.

Work on Motor Vehicles

Personally, my father spends lots of time in our garage fixing and cleaning motorcycles and our cars. So, if you have access to motor vehicles, spend some time working on them.

Go For Walks

On a nice day, put on some shoes and go for a walk. Grab a family member, a pet, or your entire household and go for a walk in your neighbourhood. Walking by yourself is also an option.

Play Video Games

If you have a game downloaded on your computer or another device, or you have access to a gaming console, such as a PS4, play some games. Message your friends and maybe get them to join the game online as well. But balance this screen time with non-screen time, as we’re already spending so much of our days online for school.

Do Some Baking/Cooking

Look up some recipes online or within your kitchen in cookbooks or on pieces of paper written down, and spend time cooking or baking whatever you desire.

Listen to Music in a Creative Way

At home, my father and I collect records to listen to on my record player. So if you have a unique way of listening to music, such as vinyl or cassettes, etc, listen to music by these means.

Watch a TV Show/Movie

Browse Netflix and other streaming services you have access to and find a TV show or movie to watch. If you have DVDs or cable, browse these as well. Again, try to balance this screen time with other time where you’re not staring at a screen, too.

Learn a New Instrument

If you have an instrument laying around your house or another family member has one, ask to use it and look up some basic lessons or ask said family member if they can teach you how to play this instrument.

Play an Instrument

If you already play an instrument, simply spend time practicing and playing it. Also, look up more songs you could learn and play at home. Playing an instrument on software, such as GarageBand, is another alternative to take.

Listen to Music

Listen to your favourite albums, artists, songs, and browse for new music on the platform you use, whether it is Apple Music, Spotify, or other. Combine this with a walk!

Do a Workout

If you have access to weights and other equipment at home, plan a workout to do. If you don’t have the equipment, you can still do a workout, just make sure to plan a different kind of workout. There are apps and websites you can refer to when picking or planning a workout.

There are lots of ways to creatively spend your time when you’re not working at school.