Opinion: TikTok Trends Reflect Our Attention Spans

Trends are the backbone to TikTok, a popular social media platform used among and enjoyed by teenagers around the world. Without them, content would become repetitive and boring over time and the app overall would lose its popularity. 

These ever-changing trends are what keep TikTok users engaged and creators more content to produce yet it is so interesting to see how trends die out quickly while some things stay the same.

One of the things that TikTok is known for is the dance videos. Different dance videos are constantly trending since they are fun and easy to learn. Dancing itself has always been popular on the app, but the dances themselves change and evolve over time with whichever dance moves are the most popular or whichever songs are trending on the charts and within the app itself. 

One of the reasons I think these types of videos stay so popular is because of the attention they get from big creators on the app like Charli D’amelio, Addison Rae and Noah Beck. With their platforms of millions they are able to spread these dances like wildfire around the app allowing them to gain more popularity.  The dances are also relatively easy to learn and are quite easy to go viral if you can do it well enough which is encouraging for people to participate in them more than other trends. 

Some of the most popular dances on the app include the Renegade, the Say So dance, the WAP. Many of these dances include popular TikTok dance moves such as the woah and the dice roll. All the dances have similar movements making them easy to learn.

There are some trends on TikTok that last for a little while and then you never hear about them again.

One of these short-lived TikTok trends was the whipped coffee trend back in March. This trend involved people teaching others how to make a version of iced coffee made from instant coffee, white sugar and milk. It seemed as though everyone was making this and posting it all over TikTok. I would say this was quite popular for about a month before dying out and no one really cared to make whipped coffee ever again. 

I think that the timing of this trend affected its popularity. In the middle of March, people had a lot more spare time as everything went into shutdown-mode, and many turned to TikTok to cure their boredom. With so many videos of this new whipped coffee circling the app, it was not only entertaining to watch but it gave people something new to try and make at home.  

A recent trend was started by Nathan Apodaca who rode a skateboard home from work when his truck broke down. His video included him drinking Ocean Spray juice and lip-synching part of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

Celebrities and politicians jumped on this trend, including Jimmy Fallon, Dr. Phil, Mick Fleetwood himself and even Canada’s Jagmeet Singh.

Another really popular video right now is of two blond twins pronouncing Davinci and “Davinki” that many people have been reacting to by coming up with their own take on the video as well.

The Fleetwood Mac video trend is probably popular because people like seeing their favourite celebrities using the app and want to be like those celebs, whereas the “Davinki” video is more popular for pure comedic relief. 

It’s hard to go in depth with every single TikTok trend that has happened since they are so many trends and they change so often but they can often start from different sounds or songs that are created, filters that you can add to your videos, advanced transitions between clips in videos as well as the duet feature that also someone to film their reaction to the original video.

It is really interesting to look at what’s trending on TikTok since it makes sense that it is constantly changing to keep the app engaging and relevant. It also makes sense that these trends last as long as we are willing to put energy into them, to copy them and make our own variations.