WCI’s New Chinese Student Association Meets For First Time

New club in WCI: the Chinese Student Association

Students meet online for the first Chinese Student Association meeting. Photo by Jiachen Lu.

Chinese Student Association (CSA) held its first regular club meeting on October 16th online through a Google Meet.

WCI’s CSA is a newly established club at WCI this year under the pandemic restrictions. It is a platform for people to get socialized and know each other.

WCI’s CSA was founded by a group of Chinese international students and ethnic Chinese students in WCI. The goal of CSA is to provide help for newcomers from China to settle in Canada and to get involved in WCI.

The Kahoot hosted on Google meet, Photo taken by Jiachen

The event started with a Kahoot about the city Xi’an. 

“I didn’t know much about this city before,” said Angela Q., one of the participants. “The questions were not common, and that’s why I learned something from it.” 

After that, the participants discussed the topic, “What does your home look like?” Then three leaders provided a short presentation about  Xi’an city’s famous attractions, food, and culture. 

A presentation introducing the culture and food of the city of Xi’an. Photo by Jiachen.

Because of the pandemic lockdown, all of the regular club events originally planned for in school are not able to be hosted in person. But clubs have still managed to work online.

“The outcome is pretty good,” said Angela C., another club member. 

“Starting a club is a hard step to take, not mentioning starting it in a pandemic,” said Phoebe W., one of the co-presidents of the WCI CSA. “But we still made it happen. We are proud of what we have done and we were excited to host our first club event.” 

CSA planned its second event for Friday, October 30th.

“Although we are still figuring it out, the first event’s outcome is better than expected,” said Phoebe. “We will keep improving the event experience down the road and make WCI CSA a better club.”

The regular CSA meeting time is every other Friday from 4:00 to 5:15 pm.

Students looking to join clubs, including the CSA, can find information on the clubs website.