P&B Films – Episode 1: Profile on Media Arts Class at WCI

In this first episode of their new series about films, Patrick and Ben interview a “retired” producer in the advertising industry and experienced teacher at WCI: Mr Bishop.

Mr Bishop is a Media Arts teacher who introduces students to the general life of filmmaking with his media arts course. 

The course he teaches has changed due to the route that the school year has taken because of the COVID- 19 pandemic. Health and safety restrictions mean there is no option for using the school as a production set because no use of the school’s equipment is allowed.

WCI has made many adjustments to help the students progress in class work, like wrapping the keyboards in plastic wrap so the students are able to use the school provided computers, which have editing software on them, to enhance students’ learning. Still, the lights and cameras the school usually provides are out of use.

To adapt to this situation, Mr Bishop has had no choice but to rely on students either having a high quality camera or using their cellphones as a backup to record their own footage. The way he grades students’ work is also different because he can no longer have a huge focus on the quality of imagery because of the unfair advantages some students might have.

In this episode, Bishop shares his passion for his subject as well as the modifications he is making to his program under the current situation.