In Photos: A Day in the Life of an Online Elementary Student

Since the pandemic began, I have been struggling to deal with my school routine and overall motivation. I looked to my surroundings and realized everyone’s going through something very similar, even my 6 year-old sister. 

I’ve watched her over the last two months and admired how she wakes up at 9:00 am and begins online schooling.

I looked back to my younger years and realized how much better I had it: I had time to play outside, I could go on school trips, and I could make lasting friendships in person. 

As much as I admire my sister’s determination, I know on the inside she’s tired and overworked. From learning to read in English and French, to not having much time to play outside before dark, she is not receiving the fun and lighthearted childhood I got to have. 

She spends her mornings looking at screens, following instructions, and spends her evenings trying to decipher if she actually learned anything. 

Simply put, she is living her vibrant, colourful years in the most monotonous way: the way of the adult.   

Her day starts in the same way: logging into Google Classroom and engaging in independent work.

Lunch break, but without the appetite and the break: a time of buzzing around and sharing stories has turned into isolation and boredom.

Kicking a ball around with friends is usually a childhood staple. What happens when there are no friends to help? You entertain yourself.

Even the trampoline, an activity more fun with friends, loses its appeal after a few bounces.

Spending time in nature isn’t too lonely when you have leaves/trees (you pick) for company.

When there was a bell to dismiss her, she would walk with her friends. There are no bells for her this year.

The highlight of her day may be spending time with the chubby and irritable cat Katara.

No one is allowed to touch or organize this overwhelming pile of work. She knows where everything is.

She already speaks two languages, and now she has to teach herself a third. She gets frustrated and confused often. 

Friends cannot be invited over, so the only company she has is her grown-up siblings and the ever-changing weather.