In Photos: Smiles You Won’t See at WCI

Photos are taken by Phoebe Wang at WCI

Smiles are especially important in people’s lives because they are an important way to convey emotion. People with brighter smiles are often seen as friendly and trustworthy. 

With COVID19 continuing to change the world, millions of people have been wearing masks for months. For people who are used to relying on facial expressions to communicate effectively, being deprived of the ability to smile in public is a huge challenge and has invariably created distance between people.

It’s been almost two months since we started wearing masks to school in September. Students are about to say goodbye to the first quadmester, and in these past two months, many students and teachers have not gotten a chance to meet each other without masks on their faces. 

How long has it been since you’ve seen a smile at WCI?

Are you able to recognize your teachers or peers in the hallways when people take off their masks after the pandemic?

These are some of the “smiles” we’ve found at WCI. 

Ms. Bender supports ESL and ELD classes as an Educational Assistant.
Arran K. is in Grade 10.
Ms. Guo is new to WCI and is currently teaching Communication Technology
Cassie Zhang is in Grade 11.
Ms. Klassen is teaches Grade 12 Journalism and Grade 9 Math this semester.
Reghad A. is a Grade 12 student.
Ms. Knox works in the English in ELD and ESL departments.
Ms. Yolkowski, a new face in WCI, is teaching English this semester
Sidra I is a Grade 12 student at WCI.
Ethan W. is in Grade 12.
Ms. Crowell, the head of the English Department at WCI.
Lucy S. is a fifth-year student.


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The photos included in this story were taken from a two-meter distance from the subject.