Resolutions: A Feature of Indigenous Issues at WCI

The opening ceremony for WCI’s Indigenous medicinal garden. Photo taken by Ms. Klassen.

This article is a comprehensive investigation of Indigenous issues at WCI in four sections. 

One could simply read only one of these sections if they desired, but if one is to gain a complete understanding of this issue and how it affects this school, each section should be read, if not at least skimmed.

Each of the following headings links to the corresponding section.

Section I: The Garden
The first section recounts the history of the construction of the medicinal garden, from the original idea to the opening ceremony and beyond.

Section II: The ISA and Leadership
The second section speaks of the Indigenous Students Association, the leadership class, and their collective effort to put on school events with an Indigenous focus.

Section III: Teachers, Classes, and New Curriculums
The third section details the teachers who are working to add Indigenous content into their classes, and new curriculums and courses which are in the process of being implemented.

Section IV: The Importance of Education
The fourth section gives the reasons for why any of this is necessary.

Featured photo was taken by Ms. Klassen.