Accuracy and Truth

It is our duty to be accurate and truthful with all readers in order for them to trust us and to maintain a credible reputation. If a mistake is made in the reporting process, it shall be corrected as soon as it is noticed and apologies will be sent out to any wronged parties.

All photographs taken by contributors will not be overly edited to ensure authenticity, and it is the responsibility of the contributor to properly cite any images that they do not own.

Fairness and Impartiality

FJORD is here to provide access to opinions both within and outside of the school. There will be a clear definition between news and opinion pieces, and all opinion pieces will make efforts to create a balance between the presented perspective and other viewpoints on the same issue.

The opinions of all sources are to be represented accurately. No information will be held back based on means of discrimination such as race, age, or gender. All stereotypes are to be left behind in order to present the facts fairly and without bias. 

No money or gifts are to exchange hands in order to influence a story or to influence a source to enhance a specific opinion. The FJORD website will not display any advertisements in order to remain impartial.


There must be explicit permission to quote any and all sources, whether directly or indirectly. If a source requests to remain anonymous or not be photographed, then this request will be honoured.


FJORD’s journalists are responsible to its readers, their school, and their fellow journalists, and they are responsible for representing FJORD and the school in an appropriate manner. The freedom of expression must be used correctly and respectfully to all those involved. They will be held accountable for their actions if they misuse the platform. Contributors are responsible for properly sourcing their facts as well as ensuring these facts originate from reputable sources.