WCI Dress Code Infractions

January 22, 2017 A Klassen 0
These are all examples of  “distracting, immodest or unsafe clothing and will not be permitted”. – WCI Dress Code Policy.  Do you agree? NO spaghetti […]

Commencement 2016

November 14, 2016 A Klassen 0
Commencement is a time when graduates come together one last time to say goodbye. It is built up to be one of the biggest events […]

The Flaws and Faults of The Oscars

January 23, 2016 A Klassen 0
This week, the nominations for the categories were released, and while most of the films, actors, and production crews were well deserving of the nominations, something about them has not gone unnoticed.

WCI Poll: Door Decorating Contest

December 9, 2015 A Klassen 0
In WCI holiday tradition, the Door Decorating Contest for homeroom classes had students racing against the Period A clock to design doors to impress the judges and celebrate the season.