Victoria Park: Up Close

Parks are often overlooked in the winter but you can find some of the most beautiful things present in colder weather. Some of this beauty was captured in the photos below:


WCI’S Hidden Talents

Often at WCI we talk about the very obvious talents people have such as sports and arts achievement but we believed it was time to give the spotlight to those who may have more hidden […]


Leave It In 2017

Last year was jam packed with trends that all of us unintentionally seemed to partake in. These trends helped to define the year 2017. Some of these trends proved to be rather needless and foolish […]


Student Profile: Parmpreet Mangat

Parmpreet Mangat is currently a Grade 12 student at WCI. She is a well-rounded student who participates in an immense amount of extracurriculars while managing a full course load of University stream courses. Despite having […]


In Debt and Full of Regret

A large amount of students after graduating high school choose to pursue further education by going to University or College. Universities and colleges are schools that help further develop specific knowledge that are essential for […]


How to Cope with Stress

As the school year continues overwhelming amounts of stress can start to cloud your brain. With an abundance of schoolwork and pressures to maintain high marks so you can get into university or show your […]

News and Reviews

Restaurant Review: Cafe Pyrus

Located in Downtown Kitchener directly across Charles St. Terminal is Cafe Pyrus. Cafe Pyrus has a wide array of options that are both tasty and well sourced. Pyrus takes a focus on providing food that […]

Fjord Archive

Battle of Waterloo 2017

Battle of Waterloo, the age-old tradition at WCI, is a huge event that is celebrated annually. It is an event that has been going on for as long as I can remember and is valued […]