Op-Ed: The Dangers of Mark Inflation

April 2, 2016 Michael Frazer 0
In the next month, students will receive their second semester grades and for many these are merely four more marks on their transcript. But for Grade 12 and fifth year students, these marks may be the key to their success or the cause of their failure.

A Look Back at Fall Sports

November 30, 2015 Michael Frazer 0
As the last leaves fall from their trees, and the winter frost start to creep in, it is evident that the fall sports season has ended, and the winter season is beginning. Before we move on to the winter sports season let’s take a look back on 2015 fall teams.

A Hidden Gem at WCI

November 19, 2015 Michael Frazer 0
Social studies always seemed like an afterthought in elementary school. It often ended with us doing textbook work or colouring in a map because the teachers seemed handcuffed to a curriculum that prioritized spending the extra couple minutes on a math lesson or practicing for the next big CASI test.