WCI’S Hidden Talents

Often at WCI we talk about the very obvious talents people have such as sports and arts achievement but we believed it was time to give the spotlight to those who may have more hidden […]


Songs to Get You Through Studying

As exams approach, finding ways to keep yourself focused and motivated while studying seems to get more and more challenging. Studying with music in the background certainly isn’t for everyone, but it makes it much […]


We Aren’t Ready

Following the conclusion of the school year, students across Canada make the transition from high school to postsecondary education. The overwhelming excitement of being independent and making new friends clouds our judgement as we leave […]

News and Reviews

Restaurant Review: Sabletine

Sabletine is a pastry and cake shop located on King Street South in Waterloo, just down the street from Uptown Waterloo. The owner, Kate Sauer, is proud to create authentic French pastries and cakes without […]


Getting to Know Plasma Dolphin

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sonja Katanic, the co-founder of an online/print arts and culture literature magazine called Plasma Dolphin. She and her friend Emma Cohen started it here at WCI back […]