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The WNBA: Setting an Example for Pay Equity in Sports

Last Tuesday, the WNBA reached a tentative agreement to increase pay and benefits for their players— a huge step in the right direction in terms of bridging the pay gap for women in sports. The […]


“Two-Faced”: Trudeau Mocks Trump at NATO Conference

On Tuesday, world leaders and other delegates met at Buckingham Palace for NATO summit in London, which was meant to promote the unity of the alliance. One of the more significant events that unfolded involved […]

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The Don Cherry Controversy: Where Do We Draw The Line?

The Canadian entertainment industry was sent into an uproar this past Monday, following an announcement that Don Cherry had stepped down from his position on Hockey Night in Canada. The decision followed an incident on […]


Small but Mighty: WCI’s Gender & Sexuality Awareness Club

What even is the GSA? It seems that only a small handful of people know what the acronym stands for, but WCI’s small-but-mighty club is working hard to change that. In the last two years, […]