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Wireless vs Wired Headphones

The debate on wired and wireless headphones can be wired down to one solution, lifestyle. There are many different types of headphones such as: headsets, in ear, over ear, etc. With various prices and new […]


Photo Essay: Perspectives

Many people use photographs to express their inner thoughts/ feelings and everyone has a different perspective when viewing them.   As a kid, visiting the park with my parents was always a pleasure. Nothing stopped […]


Smoking vs Vaping Infographic

  In my personal opinion, I believe that if you’re a current smoker/ non smoker you should still be educated on the effects and consequences of smoking/ vaping. Although vaping is fairly new, many of […]


Food Options At WCI

At Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI), students are lucky that there are so many nearby places to get food during lunchtime. Going into grade 9, I was fortunate enough to dodge the fact that WCI was […]


Liam Droeske: Athlete Profile

Liam Droeske is a student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI) who participates in sports inside and outside of school. Sports play a huge role for Droeske and he believes that they have helped him develop […]


Spirit of Waterloo 2018

The annual “Battle of Waterloo” senior boys football game (or recently renamed “Spirit of Waterloo”) continues this year with another highly anticipated football game. This year the 2-0 Waterloo Collegiate Vikings hosted the gritty 3-0 […]