Section IV: The Importance of Education

Mr. Vander Meulen, the Native Studies teacher at WCI, while discussing what significance the Indigenous medicinal garden would have towards the larger goal of reconciliation, explained that “Reconciliation is about correcting a relationship that went […]


Section II: The ISA and Leadership

WCI has been trying to promote difficult discussions about Indingeous issues within the school through the Indigenous Students Association (ISA), the leadership class, and events like Orange Shirt Day, Secret Path Week, and Treaties Recognition […]


Section I: The Garden

In the spring of 2019, Ms. Chin, a science teacher at WCI, had the idea for an Indigenous medicinal garden as part of an initiative to promote the education of Indigenous issues within the school. […]


War on Homelessness

     Over the past decade, the treatment of homeless people in Canada has gotten significantly worse. So called “tent cities” are being torn down all over Ontario and what shelters we have are overcrowded and underfunded. […]

Arts & Culture

Movie Review: Frozen II

Frozen 2 was absolutely incredible. Sitting through this movie was truly a magical experience. My life will be forever changed because of how spectacular it was. From the animation to the heartwarming story to the […]