Fill The Hill

WCI had a long standing tradition for years, iconically called ‘Battle of Waterloo’; a football game under the lights at Waterloo Stadium every Fall to raise school spirit and show off the football team’s talent. […]


A Change of Pace in WCI’s Arts Program

Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI) has always been known as an academic school. This reputation was formed through its magnet programs,including Strings, Extended French and Advanced Placement courses, its abundance of math and science courses, as […]

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Wireless vs Wired Headphones

The debate on wired and wireless headphones can be wired down to one solution, lifestyle. There are many different types of headphones such as: headsets, in ear, over ear, etc. With various prices and new […]

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The Furious Tide of the Yellow Vests

Starting from November 17 in 2018 until now, the Yellow Vest movement has lasted for about 2 months and spread wildly in Europe, even reaching Canada. It was originally against President Macron’s policies on increasing […]

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Timeline of North Korea – How the Situation Cooled Down

Images Reference: 飞行军 . “朝鲜主体思想塔.” 2018全球华人旅拍大赛, Aug. 2018, Jung, Yeon-Je. “A Man Watches a Television News Broadcast Showing North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un’s New Year’s Speech, at a Railway Station in Seoul on January […]