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    Athlete Profile: Brendan Baker

    Brendan Baker is a 5th-year student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute who participates in hockey inside and outside of school. Baker has a love for the game and wishes to play for as long as he [...]
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    History Of Animation

    Why is animation important, does it even matter? Animation is important because it brings our dreams and fantasies to life. We all grew up watching cartoons on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, etc. Animation is [...]
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    Classical Concerto Bangers Study Playlist

    You can never go wrong with some good old-fashioned classical music. You can bet that the great genius’ of our time probably grinded out their homework in their younger years to some classical music. Einstein [...]
  • Features

    Ask Frieda: Advice Column #2

    I’m not much of a social person. I struggle to talk to people, including those I have known for quite some time. Can you give me some advice on how to make friends? Start small! [...]



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